Estate Planning Services

Complete Estate Package

Haven’t done any Estate Planning before? That’s okay, let us do it now! We will review all of your assets and liabilities to see what exactly you have to leave to your loved ones and then produce all the needed documents (Will, Powers of Attorney, Representation Agreement and a Health Care Advance Directive)

Estate Planning Consultation

Wanting to know exactly how Estate Planning works and you are not sure if you need to go to the expense of creating a Will or Power of Attorney or both? This is the appointment to learn all about it. Together we will do a full asset review, figure out what you have to leave to your loved ones and choose appropriate Estate Planning tools to set you and your family up for success.

The full two hours may not be needed, however I do not want anyone to feel rushed and it is amazing how fast time goes when great conversations are being had.


Need a Will to express your intentions of how you would like your legacy to be distributed after you are gone? At this appointment we will explore your wishes and intentions and discuss your executor and beneficiary choices.

Powers of Attorney

Looking to have a back up signing authority for financial matters in case you are not able to sign for yourself. Lets name someone as a backup that can help you out in a situation where you are physically away or are incapacitated.

Representation Agreement

Plan in advance and appoint a Representative to make decisions about your health care if you find yourself incapable of making decisions on your own.

Health Care Advance Directive

Give heath care providers specific directions to whom can make decisions on your behalf when you are not able to make them on your own. Plan in advance by expressing and documenting your wishes, values and beliefs about future health care treatments.